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Technological advances continue to benefit businesses in ways that could never have been anticipated before. This applies to every possible area, including internal training and development, which has seen online platforms revolutionise the way skills are nurtured within an organisation.

The time and cost implications of traditional, classroom-based learning render this route unviable for many companies seeking to further the careers of their employees. In order to assist companies in embracing new ways of learning and addressing time and cost constraints, the online technologies business unit at Bytes People Solutions provides a variety of online portals, tools, products and services to develop internal talent through a blended learning approach.

Through the learning tools provided, employees are able to log into a digital learning world to receive training in a controlled environment. At the same time, the technologies enable managers and administrators to track, monitor and report on training taking place within the organisation. Bytes People Solutions provide online technology solutions and products throughout South Africa and into Africa.

Contact Person:  Mauritz Oberholzer

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Services & Solutions

Bytes People Solutions provides the following training with regards to Online Technologies:

  • Questionmark Perception Administration
  • Questionmark Perception End-User
  • Questionmark Perception Template Building
  • Questionmark Perception Reporting and Analytics
  • How... Read more /

Bytes People Solutions has been delivering assessment solutions, especially e-assessment solutions, to large corporate customers since 2006. Our flagship product, the highly acclaimed assessment tool from Questionmark Corporation, has been implemented at various organisations accross South Africa,... Read more /

Bytes People Solutions is able to create, distribute and manage e-learning content, as well as revamp existing paper-based content. This aspect of our Online Technologies business unit is fully integrated with our Content Development business unit and offers solutions available off the shelf or fully... Read more /

Learning Management Solutions enable you to keep track of all your employee / learner training interventions, whether on-line or classroom-based. It allows you to register employees / learners, to create learning interventions, to register the employye or learner against these interventions or learning... Read more /

Bytes People Solutions provides customers access to a number of off-the-shelf e-learning course libraries. The course libraries contains e-learning for both technical and softskills / management / leadership training courses.

Softskills training course libraries

Bytes People Solutions has... Read more /

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