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Bytes People Solutions is proud to boast attractive off-shoring locations situated in the major cities across South Africa.

South Africa has fast become a competitive and attractive off-shoring destination for many global players. Bytes works with its international clients to deliver best-fit solutions, leveraging local government incentives to deliver at benchmark performance levels and highly competitive rates.

The advantages of off-shoring with Bytes People Solutions are numerous and include:

  • Significatn cost savings because of a favourable exchange rate with operational costs up to 50% lower than the United Kingdom.
  • First world experience and culture fit with agents that need minimal cultural orientation. The accent tends toward neutral and is easily understood by international clients.
  • Time-zone compatibility with Europe makes South Africa an ideal location for delivering follow-the-sun operations as part of our clients' global footprint.
  • Robust enabling environment, with an attractive investment climate and strong support from the public sector.
  • World class telecoms and an established Contact Centre Industry with superior expertise in the Telco, Retail, FMCG, Insurance and Financial sectors.


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