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Learning Management Solutions

Learning Management Solutions enable you to keep track of all your employee / learner training interventions, whether on-line or classroom-based. It allows you to register employees / learners, to create learning interventions, to register the employye or learner against these interventions or learning pathways and to track their progress until completion. The LMS solutions provided by Bytes People Solutions enable you to easily implement blended learning pathways, through which employees / learners can complete different kinds of learning interventions, such as classroom-based learning, e-learning, video learning, audio learning, paper-based learning, etc.

Bytes People Solutions provides learning management systems from Trivantis as well as a South African based company Signify.

The Trivantis products provided are:

  • Coursemill LMS
  • Coursemill Wave
  • Coursemill Mobile

The Signify LMS is a comprehensive learning management solution built for the South African environment, especially focussing on the regulatory reports, such as workplace skills plans, that your human capital management team needs to produce.

Coursemill LMS

CourseMill LMS V7 makes it a breeze to get info about your learners’ progress. The new Advanced Reports feature in CourseMill LMS give you the detailed info you need to make important decisions at your organisation.

  • Deliver: It’s quick and easy to deliver e-Learning content to learners - including mobile with CourseMill LMS.
  • Track: Monitor your learners’ progress with Advanced Reports, the new intelligent reporting feature that makes learning management easy.
  • Manage: Drag and drop to create charts and graphs to empower decision making at your organisation. Use that feedback to assign new material and get success stories.
  • Advanced Reports: CourseMill LMS has Advanced Reports that let you customise and combine learner data from multiple sources. Drag and drop to easily create charts and graphs. You can specify filter parameters and performance indicators, plus see underlying data source details instantly.
  • Different kinds of training interventions: Use formal courses, videos, PDF files and more in your training program. Plus, you can take your training on the go because it’s easy to manage and track e-Learning and mobile content with CourseMill LMS.
  • Go mobile: Give mobile users a way to keep up with corporate policy or new employee course work. CourseMill supports m-Learning, so you’ll be ready to take your training on the go.

For more information on Coursemill LMS, visit the Trivantis website at

Coursemill Wave

Coursemill Wave provides the same functionality and features as Coursemill LMS, except that it is an on-demand, on-line LMS. This means that your courses, videos, documents and presentations are hosted for you. There’s no lengthy installation, no start-up fee and no hassles! You can immediately enjoy e-Learning deployment with CourseMill Wave.

  • Share: Sharing content is easy and fast. Whether you want to build informal learning at your organisation or you need a quick way to share documents with your clients.
  • Rate: Get the total picture - see content ratings and views together! You can see which content is popular and how often people are viewing it. This tells the whole story on user engagement with your content.
  • Track: Find full-featured reports for content status, views, ratings, questions and your guestbook all in one place. CourseMill Wave makes it easy to view your reports in engaging graphs, charts and tables.
  • Build a community: Engage your learners and create a social community at your organisation. CourseMill Wave is a fast way to share informal content publicly or privately, like video, web-based content and more, along with formal AICC/SCORM e-Learning content.

For more information on Coursemill Wave, visit the Trivantis website at

Coursemill Mobile

CourseMill Mobile lets learners access training content from anywhere in the world. They don’t even need an internet connection, which means they’ll be ready for training and performance support wherever and whenever they need it. Give your employees the freedom of on-the-go learning - train, plane or submarine.

  • Deliver: Deliver secure m-Learning content to your employees’ mobile phones and tablets from your learning management system (LMS).
  • Track: Track courses, surveys and assessments with SCORM, and get full reporting on usage, access and completion status for all the mobile content.
  • Manage: You can deliver specific content and tests to groups you choose in your organisation. Easily manage content by setting it as required or optional.
  • Access content anywhere, anytime: Keep your employees productive even while they’re on the go. With CourseMill Mobile, they can always get to the content you send - even offline.
  • Keep iOS and Android  users happy: CourseMill Mobile works on both iOS and Android devices. This keeps everyone happy, plus it eliminates the pain of compatibility hassles.
  • Integrates with your LMS: CourseMill Mobile works with your learning management system to track your m-Learning content.

For more information on Coursemill Mobile, visit the Trivantis website at

Signify LMS

The Signify Learning Management System (LMS) helps you to effectively manage a blended learning approach through the integration of the following modules:

  • Employee Management (If not interfaced to HR or Payroll system)
  • Training scheduling
  • E-Learning
  • Personal Development Plan (PDP)

Some of the most important features provided by Signify are:

  • User friendly interface.
  • Certification pathways allows for the implementation of blended learning.
  • Limit to pre-defined target audiences or open to all.
  • Publish and download (PDF, PowerPoint etc.)
  • Book on scheduled training events from pathway.
  • Integrate with Questionmark 4 and 5 via standard QM-Wise functionality.
  • Publish and launch Questionmark Assessments.
  • Add Comments to pathway.
  • Allow user to accept pre-defined acceptance steps.
  • User can upload “Portfolio of evidence”.
  • Create step where user can enter “User message” feedback.
  • Launch interactive (non-SCORM) content.
  • Launch SCORM compliant content (1.2 and 2004).
  • Upload interactive content that uses proprietary web services to connect with LMS.
  • Upload video files.
  • Link a learning guide from the learning guide document repository.
  • Add Scholarship application process.
  • Embed YouTube videos.
  • Provide learning collaboration by adding “Adobe Connect” virtual classrooms, either pre-recorded or live sessions.
  • Access a learning-related discussion forum – “Ask the Expert”.  This modules allows for questions to be asked by users and for “Experts” to provide relevant answers.
  • Define pre-requisites for most step types.
  • Most of the above types can populate Learner Record (Employee training history) based on outcome of the step.
  • Training scheduling and course bookings.
  • Centralised course library.
  • Employee record management.

For more information on the Signify LMS, visit the Signify website at

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