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Bytes People Solutions is able to create, distribute and manage e-learning content, as well as revamp existing paper-based content. This aspect of our Online Technologies business unit is fully integrated with our Content Development business unit and offers solutions available off the shelf or fully customised to our customers’ unique requirements. Where the Content Development unit is responsible for the e-learning content provided as part of a learning intervention, the On-line Technologies business unit provides the tools necessary to create the e-learning content.

Trivantis Lectora Publisher and Inspire

Bytes People Solutions is the reseller of the international award winning content development tool Lectora from Trivantis. Lectora enables instructional designers to create engaging e-learning content, rapidly.

Lectora Publisher is the basic e-learning software provided by Trivantis to create e-learning lessons. Our customers also have the opportunity to purchase an expanded e-learning suite called Lectora Inspire that provides the functionality of Lectora Publisher but that is also bundled with three additional e-learning content development tools, namely:

  • Flypaper: allowing non-Adobe Flash developers to develop Flash content without knowledge of action script. Flypaper enables this mainly through pre-created templates and flash objects for which the developer just needs to change parameters and variables.
  • Snagit: Screen capturing and image editing tool.
  • Camtasia: Screen recording and movie editing tool, enabling the developer to create or edit MP4 movie content.

Lectora is used to create online training courses, assessments, and presentations. It is also used for the conversion of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into elearning content.

Content developed with Lectora authoring software can be published to a variety of outputs such as HTML 5, Single File Executable, and CD-ROM. Lectora content is compliant with elearning industry standards, such as SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) and AICC (Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee) and TinCan. Content created in Lectora can also meet 508 Compliance standards. In addition, Lectora is compatible with any standards-based learning management system (LMS) on the market.

Lectora provides single-click publishing to Web-ready dynamic HTML, CD, single file executable, SCORM, and AICC learning standards without the need for programming knowledge. Lectora includes an internal content management system that makes course creation easy for the average computer user.

Rapid elearning development as well as collaboration between subject matter expert and instructional designer are achieved through the ability to import PowerPoint presentations into Lectora which can immediately be converted to SCORM or AICC to be tracked on an LMS. Lectora further enables collaboration between an SME and the instructional designer (or between a team of instructional designers responsible for elearning development) through a cloud-based solution called ReviewLink. ReviewLink makes it possible to publish content to a secure cloud environment where it can be reviewed and commented on by subject matter experts or other instructional designers. There is no additional cost related to this.

For more information on:

Lectora Inspire visit the Trivantis website at

Lectora Publisher visit the Trivantis website at


Trivantis Lectora On-Line

Lectora On-line provides a cloud-based authoring tool. Instead of installing Lectora on your PC or laptop, you access the Lectora functioality in the cloud. This makes it possible for you to access your development tool from different devices and platforms, whether you are using a Mac, Windows PC or even Linux.

  • Create: Lectora On-line combines the power of Lectora’s desktop authoring solution with the freedom of cloud authoring.
  • Collaborate: Your team can work together from anywhere—the office, the coffee shop or across the globe. Lectora Online keeps everyone working together and facilitates content sharing.
  • Publish: Easily publish your courses to any learning management system (LMS), like CourseMill LMS or CourseMill Wave.
  • Choose an operating system: You can be a Mac fan or a Windows wizard. Lectora Online even operates on Linux. Develop e-Learning on the system of your choice.
  • Changes are always saved: Forgetting to save your changes is the worst. With Lectora Online, all your work is automatically backed up to secure offsite locations (while you’re working and after you’re finished). Plus, we have a disaster recovery plan in place to ensure full recovery.

Bytes People Solutions and Trivantis also now bring Lectora On-line to you as a OnPremis solution, which means that we will install Lectora On-line on a server behind your organisation's firewall.

For more information on Lectora On-line Version 2 visit Trivantis at





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